Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are designed to repair small fractures or treat an area of decay on your tooth. It can prevent any decay from spreading further and help restore some of the lost strength in the tooth.

Oral decay is one of the biggest threats to a patient’s oral health. While almost every cavity we see at Glenpool Dentistry is preventable, it is estimated that over 90% of adults have had a cavity.

If you develop a cavity, then getting a dental filling is typically the most effective way to treat this, helping to keep your mouth in the healthiest possible condition.

What is a filling?

Dental fillings can be used to replace decayed or missing tooth structure. The
actual “filling” can be made of either an amalgam (silver) or composite
(tooth-colored) material; this material is bonded and formed to the tooth to mimic it’s natural shape.


Advantages of dental fillings

  • Procedure is fairly quick and only takes one visit.
  • Filling material will be matched to your natural tooth structure making it virtually unnoticeable to most people.
  • Any decay will be removed prior to placing the filling, helping to prevent further treatment from being needed
  • Fillings may also be an option to restore chipped or worn teeth and some small fractures

If you are thinking about getting a new dental filling or you might need to replace an old filling, please talk to Dr. Roulston about your options on your next visit or call our friendly team to make an appointment if you do not already have one booked in.


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