Restorative Procedures in Glenpool

At Glenpool Dentistry, our entire team is dedicated to helping you reclaim your smile, function, and confidence. We provide a full range of services that are tailored to your unique needs and designed to help prevent future oral health issues.

We are proud to serve our community, providing excellence in dentistry.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are designed to repair small fractures or treat an area of decay on your tooth. It can prevent any decay from spreading further and help restore some of the lost strength in the tooth.

Composite fillings can be an extremely effective way to stop tooth decay and help you get your smile back on track. While
almost every cavity we see at Glenpool Dentistry is preventable, it is estimated
that over 90% of adults have had a cavity

If you need to get an emergency filling or have concerns with your oral health, a consultation can help determine whether or not a filling will be a suitable treatment option. We will review the extent of any damage or decay and present you with the most appropriate solutions for your unique needs.

Adult Crown Restorations

The process itself is relatively straightforward, and there are many situations where an adult crown restoration is necessary. These include tooth decay, as well as cracked or chipped teeth. 

Crown restorations involve placing a porcelain or metal based ‘cap’ around the top of a damaged tooth. Preparation of the tooth may involve removal of decay followed by building the tooth back up with a filling material before shaping for the crown. Following an initial appointment to prepare the tooth and take impressions, a crown will be made for you at the dental laboratory. The final crown will be placed permanently at a subsequent appointment. 

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth and would like to speak with an experienced local dentist in Glenpool, we would be happy to discuss your options and provide you with an overview of the crown restoration process.

Root Canals

With much experience in providing root canal therapy, the team at Glenpool Dentistry offers expert dental restorative services while making patient comfort our utmost priority. 

A root canal is a general, restorative procedure, also known as endodontic treatment. Depending on your individual circumstances, the entire procedure can be completed in just one short appointment.  

If you are suffering from a chipped or cracked tooth, deep decay, or you have suffered a trauma, this could mean a root canal is a viable option of treatment. With any of the above issues, you could be susceptible to infection, and with this comes pain. If you have swelling in the gums or a bubble near a sore tooth, this could also be an indication that you need root canal treatment. 

Our team is here to provide you with expert dentistry at affordable prices, and we focus on your long-term oral health while ensuring patient comfort and care levels are prioritized at all times. 

We invite you to book a root canal consultation with our team to discuss your immediate options and allow us to evaluate your situation and help you establish the best course of treatment.

Dental Implants

As one of the leading dental implant clinics in the area, our treatments are offered at highly competitive prices. Dr. Tyson Roulston at Glenpool Dentistry is an experienced implant professional providing a full range of treatment options. 

As just one of our long-term solutions for missing teeth, dental implants can be used in a variety of ways to accomplish tooth replacement needs . We offer different types of implant solutions to suit a range of budgets. We accept Care Credit and most dental insurances in an effort to ensure treatment costs are manageable. 

Patient comfort is a priority at Glenpool Dentistry, and whether you’re getting your first implant or your third, our team will do everything we can to ensure you remain comfortable and at ease. We encourage open communication of patient concerns to overcome any barriers in completing treatment comfortably.

Extraction Procedures

Dental Extractions

Whatever the issue or cause, our team is capable of taking care of your oral
surgery needs.  Dr. Roulston
 will be able to offer specific guidance as to which options are best, and if you need a dental extraction, our friendly team can help you get this treatment quickly, without discomfort or pain. Dental extractions are handled in a single appointment and typically performed with local anesthesia alone, or in combination with other sedation options. Even if you have a tooth that is impacted or cracked, our experience and expertise in this field ensures the procedure can be conducted in the office in a pain-free way. 

At Glenpool Dentistry, we prioritize patient comfort with all our treatments. Although you might be experiencing severe pain from decay or another related issue, once the problem tooth is removed, you can look forward to getting back to life without having to suffer from any prolonged dental-related pain. 

Recovery from a tooth extraction can take days and every situation is unique.  When indicated, you will be given medication and professional guidance to reduce any after-surgery discomfort. 

If you are in need of an extraction, we can also discuss the next steps to restore any missing teeth. A plan will be formulated that is tailored to your own needs. All of our restorative procedures focus on improving
your long-term oral health, and our experienced team is committed to making
sure you feel comfortable throughout your time with us.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

If you are starting to develop problems with your wisdom teeth, this can be due to a number of reasons. Wisdom teeth have a tendency to grow at strange angles, and in some cases, there isn’t enough room in the mouth for them to develop and grow properly. Without the proper space to grow, this can cause nearby teeth to become crowded, with a potential for damage. Sometimes, they will only emerge partially, causing a nuisance passageway that can become a hotspot for infection and bacteria. 

Wisdom teeth can also become impacted, and in this situation, they are essentially trapped within the jaw. This, again, is another situation that can result in infection or cause damage to surrounding roots. 

If you need to discuss wisdom teeth extractions, the team at Glenpool Dentistry can help you decide on the best course of treatment for your individual situation. Oral conscious sedation is available and typically suggested in the line of treatment. 

Prosthesis Treatments

Dentures & Partials

While it is ideal to retain natural teeth for as long as possible, there are many situations and reasons why patients might need to consider dentures or partials. Thankfully, due to the evolution of dentistry, full and partial dentures are both comfortable and discreet. 

If you suffer from damaged or painful teeth, dentures could be a viable solution that can help you combat these issues while retaining a beautiful smile. If you are missing teeth, but still have some natural teeth that are healthy, a partial denture could give you a cost-effective solution to replacing missing teeth and restoring function.

If you are considering a partial or full denture, the team at Glenpool Dentistry can help you work through a range of options. It’s important to receive tailored guidance in order to help you make the best decision for your individual needs. We’re here to help you get clarity on the best solution for your future oral health.

Fixed Prosthesis

 A fixed prosthesis is a permanent solution that is bonded to an attachment on a dental implant.

Our team offers a range of different fixed dental prostheses, individual solutions are determined by Dr. Roulston based on each patient’s unique situation. Factors include area of missing teeth, quality and abundance of bone surrounding teeth, and stability of remaining teeth. 

Because we provide a variety of dental treatments for damaged or decayed teeth, it’s always important to meet with a member of our team in-person to discuss the different restoration options that are suitable for your individual needs and budget. 


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